ESP Thermal Sleeve Target


The ESP Thermal Sleeve Target gives you all the benefits of a no power thermal target and more.

Enjoy a bright thermal signature for accurate, precision training.

Quick! No more hassle to switch from thermal to non-thermal targets.

In the time it takes you to put your socks on, you are ready to engage your weapon.

The durable elastic slips over your target backer in seconds!



  • No power thermal film for a clear accurate thermal signature
  • Maintains thermal signature in windy conditions
  • Saves time! Slips over your target backer in seconds!
  • Elastic backing fits various size and shape target backers
  • No batteries, no electric, no hassle
  • Extend the life of the target with pasters

How ESP Thermal Sleeve works

Thermal targets work without power because like all Thermal films the target will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃.

Depending on how the contrast is set on your thermal device the target will appear black or white and the surroundings will appear the opposite.

The contrast allows you to train with precision.

Learn More: 6 Advantages of Using Thermal Targets

Patent #US 7,528,397

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