ESP Passive Thermal Sleeve Target


The ESP Passive Thermal Sleeve Target, built with IR.Tools High Contrast  thermal film, gives you all the benefits of a no power target and more.

Train with the best high contrast thermal signature available. 

Propel your thermal optics training with an accurate, precise training target. 

No more hassle to switch from thermal to non-thermal targets.

In the time it takes you to put your socks on, you are ready to engage your weapon.

The durable elastic slips over your target backer in seconds!

FLIR and the Benefits of Thermal Film Partnership


  • High Contrast passive thermal target image pops so shooter has clear vision of target.
  • Target is snug to backer so it maintains thermal signature in windy conditions.
  • Elastic sleeve slips over your target backer in seconds! Literally seconds.
  • Elastic sleeve conforms to various size backers for various training options.
  • No batteries, no electric, no hassle!
  • Pasters extend the life of the target for multiple training sessions.

How ESP Thermal Sleeve works

The thermal optics on your weapon will contrast the temperatures in your scene or environment.

Depending on the settings of your optics you could see various colors.

Primarily, Military and Law Enforcement use the “white hot” or “black hot” settings on their FLIR (thermal) devices. 

If your optics are set to “white hot”, the environment around the thermal film with appear white and the thermal target will appear black.  The “black hot” setting would project the environment as black and the thermal target as white.

Either way the High Contrast passive thermal target will “pop” out for accurate precision training.


Learn More: 6 Advantages of Using Thermal Targets

Patent #US 7,528,397

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