IR Patch: US Flag Printed


Looking for a US Flag Patch for friend or foe protection or to show off your Patriotism?

Whether you need covert protection or a non-covert safety patch, an IR.Tools US Flag patch is perfect.

You build the US Flag Patch you want!

Just 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose your Flag direction: Forward or Reverse
  2. Choose your Flag color
  3. Choose your Film protection: Field is covert. Fusion is covert and non-covert. Garrison and Photoluminescent are non-covert.

If by chance you don’t see the choice you were hoping for give us a call. We will be happy to help.

Are you confused about which infrared protection you need?

Click here: Infrared Technology: Learn the Difference and Which You Should Use!

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Expect a 2-week delivery time.

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Each IR reflective Field and Garrison patch is built with our exclusive SandStorm Technology™, a one-layer process that will not fall apart at the seams and glows 250% brighter than other standard IR patches.

Field Patch is covert and visible with a Night Vision Device. Absorbs white light and keeps you hidden from the enemy.

Garrison Patch is non-covert. It is visible with a Night Vision Device but reflects white light so is visible to the naked eye.

Fusion Patch is a combination of covert and non-covert films. This versatile IR patch is used in a variety of operations. Visible to Night Vision and the Naked Eye.

Photoluminescent Patch is a non-covert patch that glows in the dark and is visible to the naked eye.

Having questions about the type of film to use? or 443.292.8885

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Flag Direction

Forward, Reverse


Black, Camo, Green, Red-White-Blue, Tan

Film Type

Field, Garrison, Photoluminescent


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