Extreme Thermal Film Patch

Increase your safety and protection with Extreme Thermal ID patches. 

Get 24/7 identification feedback for your covert, SAR, and chase operations. You will know who is who and where they are during the operation.  

Secure patch to loop (velcro) on your helmet, shoulder, back, chest or gear.  

Using a  thermal imager (FLIR), your thermal patch will appear black hot or white hot depending on your device settings. Either setting will you give you the information you need. 

Unlike IR patches, thermal patches can be detected through smoke, sand, and fog.  Your best ID choice for bad weather conditions.

 Ultimately, a thermal patch will boost the communication, information and ultimate success of your operation.

What is Thermal Film?

FLIR and the Benefits of a Thermal Film Partnership

Thermal Patches: Know who is who and where they are

When viewed with a Thermal imager personnel can identify the persons or objects using a thermal patch because a black or white contrast is visible.

The ID and location of the person/vehicle involved is determined. Better information for split second decisions prevents accidents and increases results. 

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  • High contrast for quick ID and accurate communication between units.
  • Withstands the beating of harsh outdoor environments for 3 years.
  • Recommended 4″ x 4″ or larger for best detection.
  • Durable Hook backing for secure hold.
  • Extreme film is available in black only.
3 Easy Steps to Solve Your ID Problems:

1. DISCOVER: We will listen and evaluate to Discover and better understand your problem.

2. DESIGN: Next, with this information, our engineers will Design a new ID or recommend an existing ID to solve your unique problem.

3. DELIVER: Finally, we will Deliver a premium IR ID patch or marker to protect you. 

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