General Questions

What are your hours of operation?

9am – 5pm EST, Monday – Friday

What are the minimums?

The minimum numbers vary, just call and we will be glad to work with you.

What is the turn around for my order?

In stock orders ship within 48 hours during the business week. Out of stock orders can expect a 6-8 week production time.

What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

IR.Tools™ prides itself on quality and service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Personal Identification

What sizes do the patches come in?

Standard flags/patches are 2” x 3.5” or 51mm x 89mm. Keep in mind we will custom cut any size you need.

My uniform does not have any Loop on it, now what?

Sew-on patches are available as well as button-on patches. You can also purchase Loop patches to attach to your uniform.

What is SandStorm Technology™ all about?

This is what separates IR.Tools™ patches from all the rest of the infrared patches on the market. Learn more and click here SandStorm Technology™.

Watch video click here

How does my patch attach to my uniform?

Patches come with a Hook back (the rough side of Velcro) and attach to Loop (the soft side of Velcro). The nylon Hook will last for the life of the patch.

The patches I am familiar with have a “honeycomb” appearance?

Avoid “honeycomb” IR patches whenever possible! IR  Tools, SandStorm Technology™ is a far more durable and effective IR patch. Learn more SandStorm Technology™ information here.

What are the available fabrics for the hybrid patches?

ACU Digital, Multicam, Coyote, OD Green, Orange, AOR 1, AOR 2, Navy Blue, Black, Red. See fabric samples here.

Vehicle Markers

What colors are available?


What sizes are available?

Standard 20″ letters or numbers. Custom sizes too!

Can I see them in the dark?

Yes! Markers are visible 24/7 using a thermal imager.

How does the marker attach to the vehicle?

Peel and Stick or Magnet backing is available.

How does the marker appear?

The thermal imager sees the marker as cold or dark.

What power source is needed?

These markers need no power.  They work by reflecting the temperature of the sky -40 back to the thermal imager.


Why would I want to use a Zero target for weapon sight. 

Zero targets were engineered with QUICK, EASY and ACCURATE in mind. You won’t be disappointed!

What are the advantages to a thermal Zero training target?

A thermal training target needs NO additional power source… no wires, batteries needed. Attach, aim and fire.

How long will a Die-cut Target last?

Die-cut and Printed thermal targets are repairable with pasters for multiple rounds of fire. Use again and again.

How realistic are the images on the Printed Thermal Targets?

When looking through the sight the thermal image is a clear, definite outline on the target.

Will the Zero targets work inside?

Zero targets work accurately inside, outside, sunny or even cloudy conditions. Simple and effective.

I’m short on money and time; can the thermal Die-cut Targets help me out?

YES, YES, YES… Die-cut Targets are pre-cut pieces that are low cost and a quick set up.   Easy peasy!


What Die-cut shapes are available?

Our catalog has a list of shapes available but we will customize any shape you want. Just Ask!