Our Mission



Protecting Those Who Protect Us

 “Why do we exist and

what is our motivation?”


We work hard to provide a product to protect our soldiers and police so they can return home to their families after a deployment or shift.

Our Core Values

Honoring God

Blessing People

Producing Premium Products

Sailor Turns Salesman: Tom’s Story

Are you crazy?

You want to walk out on the Admiral?  You will never be able to go into the Navy.”Tom Boyer profile picture

This is what the recruiter told me.

You see in 1990, I interviewed at Naval Reactors in Washington DC.  I was pursuing my dream job of designing submarines. All I had to do was convince the Admiral, and I was in. Then my dreams came tumbling down. “Oh no, we don’t design submarines here, we just tell the designers what we want and manage them.” I was good in math and quickly added up that “manage designers” equaled pushing paper. My heart sank as those words spilled off the recruiter’s tongue. It was a flippant correction to him, a ton of bricks to me. It was then, I decided resolutely to walk out on the Admiral, and turn my back on the Navy.

Or so I thought.

A few months later I reconsidered, if I couldn’t design a submarine perhaps I could work on one. The Admiral gave me a second chance (much to the shock of my recruiter) and I entered the submarine service for the world’s greatest Navy.

I loved my time in the Navy. We were a team. We sacrificed for each other.

During my service, I came to love and respect all those who work hard to protect us.

The years following my time in the Navy, I completed a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, married the most beautiful woman in the world and started a family.  I was looking for a way to blend my passion for the military, engineering, and business.

As a result…

Infrared Tools LLC was launched in 2006, with a rebranding in 2016 to IR.Tools™. 

From the early days until now, a premium product with exceptional customer service are the most important elements of my business.

Protecting the soldiers and police with the best IR products drives me everyday.

I started the company with no product, no client base and no staff.  Just a few great ideas. And by the grace of God have been successful. Today I can proudly boast of building hundreds of products, partners all over the globe, and a full office staff.

I am humbled daily how God chooses to use IR.Tools.

Every moment of everyday soldiers and law enforcement around the world use our products to stay safe.

My small part to help protect those who protect us has truly been a rewarding journey.