Our Mission



Protecting Those Who Protect Us

 “Why do we exist and

what is our motivation?”


We value those who protect us, therefore we build premium IR products to protect them from a life-altering injury. 

Our Core Values

Honoring God

Blessing People

Producing Premium Products

 Tom’s Story

Tom is following his dreams of serving his country, but not exactly in the plan he envisioned as a young man.  After his hopes were dashed of a military career, he soon discovered another path to fulfill his dream and serve his country.  

Tom Boyer profile picture

Friend or Foe protection. 

In 2006, Tom opened his business Infrared Tools with one product.  A ¾” infrared patch sewn on every military uniform in the United States for friend or foe protection. 

Growth came quickly with the addition of an entire suite of friend or foe (IFF) infrared patches including US Flags, Call Signs, Morale logos and allied nations.  In a few short years, Tom’s IR patches were worn all over the world!

By 2010, in addition to personal IFF patches, expansion reached into IFF protection for vehicles, and an entire line of infrared training targets. Tom’s ingenuity even sparked him to invent a Thermal Zeroing Target for safer, more accurate zeroing of advanced weapons. 

The years following included a rebranding to IR.Tools, upgraded office space with a warehouse, law enforcement products and the hiring of in-house engineers. A new brand with fresh faces all  to bring design, growth and production to an expert level. 

Always the visionary, Tom never lets any grass grow under his feet. He is driven to invent or find the best infrared solutions to protect the men and women who protect us. Therefore IR.Tools is always percolating with new product development. 

Presently, a few of the new products in the queue are SWIR patches, camouflage and 120v powered targets. 

The entire IR.Tools team stands shoulder to shoulder with Tom to bring you the finest custom designs built with the highest quality materials and delivered with exceptional customer service. 

Because blessing people is the heart of IR.Tools.

God bless you.