Founded in 2006, IR Tools™  protects the Military and Law Enforcement communities with premium IR (infrared) Identifications products. 

We custom design and manufacture IR patches, panels, and markers to protect soldiers and police from accidents and friendly casualties. 

Protecting Those Who Protect Us is why we do what we do.

We believe the men and women who take risks every day, deserve to return home to hug their loved ones.

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Personal Identification

Protection against friendly fire. US Flags and custom IR patches designed to your specs. Covert and Non-covert options.

Vehicle Identification

Sharpen ground to ground and air to ground communication with thermal panels/markers.

Thermal Training Targets

Train for life saving shots. Thermal Targets require no additional power source. Effortless set-up.

Personal Identification

Why an IR.Tools™ IR patch?  We use an exclusive proprietary process called SandStorm Technology™.  

 A SandStorm Technology™ patch is guaranteed to not fall apart and will endure a long deployment. This process utilizes new materials to produce an IR glow tape built directly onto a reflective backing, leaving no air gaps. As a result, this solid film resists water, sand, and debris from destroying your patch.  

We will take your logo and convert it into your custom IR patch… printed or laser cut

You choose the film, version, style, and design… we do the rest! 

Over 200 standard flag patches available also.

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Fusion Patch

Multicam Fabric with Photo-luminescent and IR Field films

4″ x 4″ Thermal Patch

Custom Multicam Field IR Patch

Aerial View 2′ x 2′ Thermal Panels

Vehicle Identification

IR.Tools™ offers a full line of Thermal Vehicle Identification for ground to ground or air to ground signaling.

Markers include 4′ x 4′ TIP panels and thermal peel and stick letters and numbers for rooftop marking. 

Minimize risks and eliminate confusion with vehicle ID markers. Detects the location of your unit at all times. 

Learn more about thermal vehicle markers. 


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A12 – Thermal Marker 

A12 Marker on Vehicle

As Seen By Thermal Camera

4′ x 4′ Thermal Panel

Thermal Camera View

Thermal Training Targets

Our Thermal training targets prepare you for those critical shots with your advanced optics. Choose from 3 types of targets.

1. Zeroing targets – accurately Zero all your advanced optics.  Patent # 7,528,397

2. Die-cut targets  – versatile target and can turn any backing into a passive thermal target.  

3. Printed targets –  use this realistic image for your accurate life-saving shots. Patent # 7,528,397


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Universal Zeroing 

Thermal Optics View 


Man with Gun

Printed Terrorists

Printed Recreational: Wild Boar

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