No Power Thermal Film is Safe


No power film is safe now, but in the beginning that wasn’t necessarily the case. The military has used thermal targets for years to help train with advanced weapon sights. The first targets were all “active.” They were heated up with flames and electricity and chemicals. More than once targets went up in flame. Oops.

 Then one fateful day a technician was electrocuted (he was fine) tending to an electrically heated target. That event started a friend of mine thinking. His thinking led to the creating of SAFE no power films for making targets.

 But no power thermal targets are more than just SAFE!


6 Advantages

1. Image Upgrade

Customize your training with a high resolution image of your choice. Bad guys, trucks, jeeps, tanks, munitions, etc… 

2. Easy to Use

You choose: staple to target backer or peel and stick. Either way, target goes up easy, quick and efficient. No hassle.  

3.. Cost Effective

Running electrical wires and managing batteries on a range is costly. There are limited expenses to get your training started.  

4. Durable

Thermal targets are not a one shot deal. You can use for thousand of rounds. Simply repair holes with pasters. 

5. Flexible

Yes, you will find this target very flexible. You won’t be limited with wires and outlets. Move target easily from one location to another. 

6. Complex Training

The variety of high resolution images makes it easy to create shoot/no shoot and other more complex training scenarios. 

Printed thermal target - tankWhile there are advantages to shooting thermal targets, we would recomment every range be equipped with both powered and no power  targets. Having both forms of targets will give your range a versatile, effective training experience.  Read more… One Stop for Thermal Targets.

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