Friend or Foe IR patches are a critical part of your tactical gear. 

This video breaks down your infrared options so you make the correct choice for a safe and successful operation. 

Don’t short change yourself. Learning the differences could save a life. 

God Bless and stay safe. 

Your Friend or Foe IR patches are just a contact away.

Our 3 step process ensures your IR patch is perfect for you.

1. Discovery: We talk and discover what your needs are; including your operation, logo, fabric choices and IR film.

2. Design: Our in-house engineers design your IR patch, after approval it moves to production.

3. Deliver: Your custom laser cut Friend or Foe IR patches arrive in 2-4 weeks.

 The Author

Tom Boyer profile picture

Tom founded IR.Tools™ in 2006. He has embraced manufacturing premium IR patches, panels, thermal markers, and thermal targets to better protect and train the military and law enforcement communities. Always the innovator, he is always thinking out of the box. Currently he has 21 awarded patents, and 14 patents pending. Tom received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Univ. of MD, College Park and his MBA from Regents Univ.