Garrison IR Patch – Non-covert


Working in the dark is dangerous. And you need to avoid injury.

The Garrison IR patch is worn when the danger of being hit by a car is greater than being hit by a bullet.

While this IR patch can be viewed by Night Vision devices, this IR patch is NOT covert.

Available as an IR flag patch, call sign, morale, unit patch, and custom designs.

Made with IR.Tools™ exclusive SandStorm Technology™.

Laser cut (picture to the right) and printed styles. See more fabric choices.

4 Reasons to Choose a Laser cut IR patch

  • Built with SandStorm Technology™, a process that results in a nearly indestructible patch
  • Reflects white light so your position is exposed
  • 250% brighter glow so friendlies will easily spot your location
  • You pick your size patch! Standard 2″ x 3.5″ and custom sizes available
  • Laser cut and printed styles.  You choose your colors and fabrics.
  • All patch come with a hook backing to easily attach to your uniform.
  • Last but not least… you choose your design! Our in house engineers create your unique design. After your approval expect a 1-2 week delivery.

How the Garrison IR Patch Works

Blue Line IR Garrison patchGarrison IR patches are made with IR.Tools exclusive SandStorm Technology.

SandStorm Technology uses perfectly formed microprisms built as one seamless layer. Therefore, unlike standard honeycomb IR patches, water, sand and debris do not damage the patch. 

This patch reflects white light to the naked eye as well as reflects infrared light to an NVG device.

For example, when white light ie… headlights, flashlights, moonlight etc… hits the IR patch, the light reflects back to the source of the light.

POLICE Garrison Reflective Patch

The most familiar use of this kind of reflective film is used with street signs and road markers.

While this IR patch can be viewed with Night Vision devices as well, this is recommended for a non-covert operation.

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