IR.Tools Video Showcase

Browse this video showcase to learn how infrared products are used to identify your subject, protect your life, and advance your training.

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About Us – Why We Do What  We Do

Video 1: An extensive overview of the entire IR.Tools product lines. Personal ID, Vehicle ID and infrared trainings Targets. 

Video 2: The benefits of IR protection for Law Enforcement with live gun rounds.

Video 3: Whiteboard presentation of our exclusive SandStorm Technology™ and why the single layer micro-prisms are safer.

Video 4: Short overview on product lines

Your IR Patch Friend or Foe Protection

#1 Viewed!

Video 1: Breaks down the 4 film options, the various names for each and how to know what is right for you.

 Video 2: Exclusive SandStorm Technology™ and why it’s your best IFF protection.

 Video 3: Key differences between IR Reflective and Thermal patches. Yes! They are different.

Show Your Glow!

Video 1: Night vision view of IR patches on helmet and back of jacket.  

Video 2: Quick charge to a Photo-luminescent patch, turn out the lights and watch it glow.

Video 3:  Fusion Patch:  Duel films and watch Photo-lum glow !

Video 4: Demo of soldiers with and without an IR patch.  Soldier with patch is Identified quickly in the dark. 

Video 5: SF glow under Night vision device.


Thermal Film For Ground Control Points

Video 1: Aerial view of 2′ x 2′ thermal panels 

Video 2:  Thermal 20″ A12 markers placed on roof of building. 


Thermal Targets For Your Advanced Optics

Video 1: Die-cut target turns any target backer into a thermal training target

Video 2: ESP target stretches over backer for the fastest set up and take down of any thermal target. 

Video 3: View targets engaged by live rounds.

Zeroing For Your Advanced Optics

Video 1: Zeroing for your Night Vision optics

Video 2: Zeroing for your Thermal optics

Video 3:  Zeroing for your Laser optics

Video 4: Watch water bounce right off the target!

Video 5: Benefits of a Universal Zeroing target

Video 6: Police zeroing our popular thermal zeroing target



Thermal Markers: Know Who’s Who in the Zoo

Video 1: Patrol car and K9 marked with thermal.

Video 2: Why thermal markers boost operations

Video 3: 4′ x 4″ Thermal patch locates ground unit.

Video 4: A side by side thermal vs vinyl comparison.

Video 5: View patrol car from UAS FLIR

Video 6: TFO views K9 markers on patrol cars.


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