All of our IR Films are part of the

Near, Mid and Far Infrared Science

All of the IR Films we use in our identification products, originates in the science of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Near, Mid and Far Infrared (IR) are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the term used by scientists to describe the entire range of energy that exists. 

Most energy is invisible to the naked eye. But thanks to hi-tech cameras this invisible energy appears visible. 

Near infrared (NIR) is seen with a Night Vision device (NVG).

And Mid and Far IR are only seen with a Thermal Imaging device.

IR film all begins with the Infrared Spectrum graph

“Most energy is invisble to the naked eye.

But thanks to hi-tech cameras this invisible

energy is now visible.”

Grasp the differences in your IR protection!

Your Friend or Foe protection all begins with one of 3 films:

  • IR Reflective
  • Thermal 
  • Photo-luminescent 

Your understanding of the when, what and how the IR film works is critical to your safety and mission completion. 

Many of the terms used to describe “infrared” overlap. This is causing confusion and uncertainty about which IR to deploy.

This short video gives you clarity to choose the correct protection for your job. 


Your IR Protection Starts Here

Select a Film Category and Learn More:

Field IR

  • Personal & Vehicle ID
  • Covert operations
  • Friendly Fire Protection

Garrison IR

  • Personal & Vehicle ID
  • Non-Covert Operations
  • Friendly Accident Protection


  • Personal/Vehicle ID, Targets
  • Covert operations
  • Effective 24/7


  • Personal ID, Targets
  • “Glows in the Dark”
  • Non-covert Protection 

Field IR Film


By far our most popular IR Film! 

The covert features to this film boost your IFF protection. Since 2006, we have built over 4.5 million premium IR patches with this film. 

Wear patches on your shoulder, helmet, back, chest or gear for IFF protection. Only those operating a Night Vision device will detect your movement. 

You can move about in a stealth position. No fear of a flashlight, moonlight, or any other white light revealing your position. The covert film keeps you hidden from the enemy.

The film is used for vehicle IFF protection also. Strips of the film are applied in the form of an inverted V. And are detected by NVG’s in your unit. 

Made with our exclusive SandStorm Technology™.  A unique process to assure you patch will not fall apart. 


 Scroll to view the various products built with Field IR film :

Hybrid Patch

Popular custom laser cut patches with IR Field film. Great looking patch with great protection! 

Printed Patch

Standard issued IR Field IFF patches. Available as a flag patch, call sign, morale, unit or custom design. Various colors and shapes also.



Fusion Patch

Combine IR Field with other films. Gain the advantage of a covert and non-covert features on one patch.



Inverted V  

Vehicles too! Effortlessly peel and stick the IR film to the side or top of your vehicle.  Sharpens your communication with ground and air units.

Garrison IR Film

Is the danger of being hit by a car more dangerous than being hit by a bullet?

Then Garrison IR Film is the protection you need.

Garrison film reflects white light to the naked eye ie flashlight, car light, and moon light.  As a result, your location is detected and injury is avoided. Therefore this film is NOT RECOMMENDED for covert operations.

Film is also visible to Night Vision devices. 

Made with our exclusive SandStorm Technology™.  A unique process to assure your patch will not fall apart. Read More.

Scroll to view the various products built with Garrison IR film:

Fusion Patch

Combination of 2 IR films to protect you from various dangers in the dark.  

Garrison and Photo-luminescent film team up on this patch to provide you non-covert protection. 

Hybrid Patch

Popular laser cut IR patches from your choice of fabrics. Multicam, OD Green, Coyote Brown, AOR2 and more.

Printed Patch

Available as an IR flag patch, call sign, morale, unit or custom design. Various colors and shapes also.

Universal Target

Prepare for your critical shots. Zeroing for your laser optics.

Thermal Film Technology

Mid and Far wavelengths are commonly called “thermals.”  Thermal invisible heat energy is seen or made visible with a thermal imaging device. 

We incorporate this infrared science into Personal ID patches, Vehicle ID Markers and training Targets. 

The products boosts the Soldiers and Police ability to identify who is who, and where they are.

Thermal Film:

  • boost protection against friendly fire,
  • strengthens search and rescue missions
  • increases the accuracy of life-saving shots



Scroll to view different products built with thermal film:

Vehicle ID

Custom markers attach to roof/hood of car to sharpen communication between air and ground units. 



Die-Cut Targets

Peel and Stick shapes convert any target backer into a thermal target.



Zeroing Targets

Accurate zeroing for all your advanced optics. 

Printed Targets

Realistic silhouettes images for precision training and preparation. 

Personal ID Patch

Dark contrast of the thermal patch distinguishes you from your surroundings. 

Thermal Panel 

2′ x 2′ Personal ID thermal panel. Secures to back of soldier. Panel can be viewed through sand, smoke and fog. Ideal for maintaining a covert position. 


Photo-luminescent film absorbs light in the visible and ultraviolet wavelengths and releases this light in a blue-green glow. In layman’s terms, the sun or an electric light source will charge the film and it will glow in the dark!

No advanced equipment is needed to view the patch and a fully charged film can be seen with the naked eye for up to 8 hours.

This video displays the charging and glowing of the Photo-luminescent film. 

This film is not recommended for covert operations although you can see it with a Night Vision device. 

Scroll to see different products in this category:

Fusion Patch

Photo-luminescent film joined with Field IR for excellent covert / non-covert protection.

Photo-luminescent Patch

Popular laser cut IR patches with your choice of fabrics. Multicam, OD Green, Coyote Brown, AOR2 and more.

Zeroing Target

Accurate zeroing of your night vision optics.