Photo-luminescent Patch

The Photo-luminescent “glow in the dark” patch will protect you against accidents during activities or operations in the dark without the need for advanced equipment.

Anyone approaching your location is alerted to your presence by the blue-green glow of the patch.

A fully charged patch glows up to 8 hours.

Laser cut and printed styles. See your fabric choices.

How the Photo-luminescent Patch Works

The luminescent film on this patch is charged by absorbing energy (white light or sunlight).

In the dark the film glows blue green to the naked eye.Glow in the dark safety patch

Patch is fully charged in 20 minutes and glows in the dark immediately.

A fully charged patch glows up to 8 hours.

Download PDF Specification Sheet   

  • Patch is detected by the naked eye so no high tech cameras are necessry.
  • Durable hook backing (velcro) for easy on and off from uniform.
  • Built in a standard 2 x 3.5 but custom sizes are available
  • Special design? No problem… our in house engineers design your logo or morale patch. See your fabric choices.
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