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We heard your complaints and discovered a solution

When we first started manufacturing IR patches in 2006, the #1 complaint we heard from the users was how the IR patch fell apart easily.   We researched this problem and developed a solution … SandStorm Technology™.  Without boring you with the scientific details we basically took the flawed 2 layer film process and created a durable 1 layer IR film process that will not fail.

 Watch video below for more details. 

Juan, deployed in Afghanastan shared his frustrations with us.

Sand blast results comparison

Sand blast test proves durability

In order to prove to you the durability between the honeycomb and SandStorm IR patches we performed a controlled sandblast test. The honeycomb patches sustained more damage as the time of the sand exposure increased. The SandStorm IR patches were not damaged at all.

US Army approves 1 layer procees SandStorm Technology™

Just to make sure our process was effective and safe, we submitted our IR patches to be evaluated by the Natick Soldiers Systems Center. They determined out patches were safe for IR Combat ID.

SandStorm Technology™ comparison chart

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