Zero, Die-Cut & Printed Targets

If you own an advance thermal weapon sight, you understand the increased need for training with these sights.  Zero, Die-cut & Printed targets are IR.Tools™ solution for honing your firing skills especially those shots needed to take under pressure.  Thermal targets need no power source because they work by reflecting the temperature of the sky. When viewed with a thermal sight the target will appear black or white depending on how you set the contrast on your sight. 

Zero targets are specifically made for zeroing weapon sights.

Thermal Die cut Targets are low cost, pre-cut shapes.

Thermal Printed Targets are realistic high resolution targets.

 Zeroing Solution

Zero Targets are an easy, accurate, and consistent method of zeroing a thermal weapon sight. For years soldiers have been left to find their own field expedient methods (MRE heaters, 9V batteries, No Power tape) to zero their thermal weapon sights. While these methods will work to some degree, the challenge is an accurate and repeatable process for the entire team. Zero Targets combines the benefits of MRE heaters and No Power film to produce an accurate zeroing solution.
thermal zero target

Die Cut Solution: Convert Any Surface Into a Target

Thermal Die Cut pre-cut shapes are an inexpensive way to develop a solid target portfolio. Small shapes, E Types, F Types, and tanks are easily replicated from basic shapes. Though Thermal Die Cut Targets may not look as “real” as other targets, they have a high value proposition. Thermal Die-Cut Targets easy peel and stick backs are very useful for thermalizing existing targets.
die cut target

Printed Solution: High Resolution Images 

Complex, high resolution is what sets Thermal Printed Targets apart. They contain an additional printed layer which allows for significant flexibility, creativity, and resolution. Shoot No Shoot training becomes more effective with Thermal Printed Targets. Enemy targets can be created of various dress, positions, weapons etc… truly the mind is the only limitation.





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printed thermal terrorist