Ready-Made Zeroing, Die-Cut, Passive and Powered Targets


If you own an advance thermal weapon sight, you want to practice as often as possible. The question is how? 

Look no further. IR.Tools builds thermal targets for your thermal weapon sight.

 Zeroing, Passive, Powered, and Die-cut targets are IR.Tools™ solution for honing your shooting skills.

These target solutions will quickly get you on track towards confident hits. 

Zeroing targets : Before any session your weapon will need zeroing.   

Passive Thermal Targets: Outside no power, no hassle, high resolution, and super contrast. 

Powered Thermal Targets : Indoor/Outdoor, unmatched contrast and durability. 

Pasters : Thermal, IR Reflective, Photoluminescent for zeroing, point of aim and repair.

 Zeroing Solution

Zero Targets are an easy, accurate, and consistent method of zeroing a thermal weapon sight. For years soldiers have been left to find their own field expedient methods (MRE heaters, 9V batteries, No Power tape) to zero their thermal weapon sights. While these methods will work to some degree, the challenge is an accurate and repeatable process for the entire team. Zero Targets combines the benefits of MRE heaters and No Power film to produce an accurate zeroing solution.
Universal Zeroing Target

Pasters: Convert Any Surface Into a Target

Pasters are an inexpensive way to round out your target training. These peel-and-stick 25m and 50m pasters are perfect for zeroing, confirming zero, point of aim targets, and target repair.  They come in small packs. Try some for under $10.00!
Peel and stick 50m pssters for 50m zeroing with thermal scope

Passive Solution: Upright High Contrast Images  

New Upright Passive Thermal targets bring all the benefits of thermal target training without the challenges and extra cost of constructing an angled backer. Mount, aim and shoot.  You want to train with this target outside only.
Upright Passive Thermal

Powered Target Solution: Unmatched Powered Contrast

This special indoor/outdoor thermal target is powers up in minutes on a 12/24v battery. Built with specially designed heat technology®, a proprietary rubber-like material that is nearly indestructible. Staple or hang with standard grommets and shoot over 500 rounds. Not only is it safe because there are no wires to short circuit but the life-like contrast is sharp for over 200 yards.



Please contact for comment or recommendations.  We want to help you solve your target training requirements. Contact us.
Die-Cut Thermal Targets for Your Thermal Scope
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