Die-Cut Targets

Exclusive Thermal Die-Cut Targets.

No Power,  Passive, thermal targets are your solution for target training with a Thermal sight.

The peel and stick shapes convert any target backer into a thermal target. 

These pre-cut shapes are a low-cost option for your target portfolio.  E types, circles, squares, rectangles, guns, etc… can be used to create people, vehicles, and structures. 

For more information about the target backers visit US Molders.

6 Advantages to Using Thermal Targets

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How Die-Cut Targets Work

Thermal targets work without power because like all our Thermal films the target will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃.

When viewed with a Thermal sight will appear dark or cold. The area around the thermal film will appear warm or white.

The contrast allows for precision aiming and training.

Learn More: 6 Advantages of Using Thermal Targets

Patent #US 7,528,397


  • Use with Thermal imagers (FLIR)
  • Easy to set up, ready to shoot in minutes
  • Can sustain many rounds of training because of the ripstop back
  • Extend life of target with use of pasters
  • Peel and stick back
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Die-Cut Images 

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Available Shapes: Circle, Square, Hand Gun, Rifle, Rectangles, Trapezoids and Repair pasters


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