New! Powered Thermal Shooting Target


Are you frustrated with a low contrast thermal target?

This special powered thermal target built with exclusive Fabroc® technology, maintains a superb thermal contrast and is nearly indestructible.

The Fabroc® heat technology is a proprietary rubber-like material built into the target to provide the heat needed for a distinct contrast.  Looking through your thermal optics you will see your image “pop out” either black or white, depending on your optic settings.

The durability and contrast of this powered target is unrivaled.

Fort Bragg Special Forces who trains with the Fabroc® powered thermal target is impressed with the targets longevity.

“The unmatched number of shots it takes while maintaining a clear, realistic image to shoot is incredible.”   — Range Manger Fort Bragg

8 Dynamic Features and Benefits

1. Nothing Safer — No wires to short circuit or catch fire after bullet breach.

2. Extended Durability — Remains intact for over 500 rounds.

3. Energy Efficient — Powers up on low voltage batteries.

4. No Flaring — Thermal heat contrast is consistently distinct.

5. Shoot inside or outside — No limitations for your shooting. 

6. Train Like You Fight — Hot Target is More Realistic.

7. Easily Mounts — Staple or Hang with Standard Grommets.

8. Dual Functions — No power? No problem, target defaults into a passive target.

And why do you need them? 

If your job or recreation uses a thermal weapon sight, you want a durable thermal target to train.

A simple paper target is a bust.

A thermal target reflects the heat energy in the target’s surroundings and creates a contrast for an optimal training experience. 

To clarify, all living things produce heat. A human produces significant heat, a rock does not.  Therefore there is a notable contrast in temperature between a human and a rock. A thermal target masquerades as a rock by reflecting a cooler temperature from its warmer environment. 

Therefore, the target appears cold in contrast to the warmer trees, buildings, etc… in its  background. The cold target ” pops out” from its warm surroundings for a distinct contrast.

Depending on the settings of the shooter’s thermal optics, the contrast will be white/black or a color contrast blend (think of the color wheel)

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battery specifications

 July 29th Release!


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