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Personal ID

Choose from over 200 IR patches and thermal markers to ensure your personal safety.
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Vehicle ID

These thermal markers enable you to identify and direct assets on the ground.
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Calibrate and train with these easy to use, durable thermal targets.

Blue Lives Matter 

IR.Tools™ recognizes the dangers and challenges for Search and Rescue, SWAT, K9 and other police units.   A raid or operation in the dark increases this level of danger and requires the proper IR identification to prevent an “end of watch” casualty. At the end of the day, we want you to return home to your families because Blue Lives Matter to us. 


Avoid Friendly Fire 

An IR.Tools™ personal ID patch gives the officer extra protection against friendly fire and accidents. In addition, a SWAT or Search and Rescue mission is enhanced because TFO officers can locate ground units from the air.


Better Command from the Air 

Our thermal Vehicle Markers easily attached to the roof of a police vehicle to give the airborne unit better command and control during the chase or rescue mission.  The TFO officer can identify units moving on the ground and direct the operation to protect officers as well as innocent citizens.


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