Safer Operations with Infrared Patches

Attaching an IR patch to your uniform helps your unit ID you in dark and precarious situations. 

An IR patch, available for covert and non-covert operations are a critical asset to protect you against a life altering accident. 

Rest assure the ability for your team to locate each other leads to a safe and faster completed operation. 

At the end of the day, the goal is to get you home safe. 


FLIR Operations are Sharper with Extreme Thermal Markers 

Confusion in the heat of the chase?

An Extreme thermal marker attached to your vehicles or officers eliminates  confusion during the pursuit. Your UAS and helicopter units will see who is where, resulting in an accurate relay of information.

Improve your FLIR operations! 

Contact us today and get your Extreme Thermal Markers samples.

FLIR and the Benefits of a Thermal Film Partnership