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Personal ID

Choose from over 200 IR patches and thermal panels to ensure personal safety.
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Vehicle ID

These thermal markers and panels enable you to identify and direct assets on the ground.
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Calibrate and train with these easy to use,         durable thermal targets.

Friendly Fire is Not Friendly 

Combat operations in the dark are dangerous.

The ability to detect and spot fellow warriors is critical to the success of your mission and prevention of friendly casualties. Going home to your family is important to you and important to us.


Reliable IR Patches

IR.Tools™ has been manufacturing premium identification patches and panels since 2006. With over 5 million patches sold, our patches are worn on every continent. Our proprietary process, SandStorm Technology™, assures your IR patch will not fail and will keep you safe from friendly fire.


Discover Your ID Solution: 3 Easy Steps

1. Discover: We will listen to your problem to Discover the ID you need 

2. Design: Our engineers will Design a unique combat ID for you

3. Deliver: We will Deliver your premium combat ID

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