4′ TIP Panels

IR.Tools™ offers a variety of  Combat Vehicle Identification for ground to ground or air to ground signaling for protection against friendly fire. 

These 4′ thermal panels attach to tanks, trucks, humvee etc… will equip your combat unit for accurate location and identification. 

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How Thermal Film Works


Thermal panels work without power because like all our Thermal films the panel will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃, and when viewed with a Thermal scope the panel appears dark or cold. 4' TIP Panel thermal view

The contrast of the thermal film with the “warmer” surroundings causes the panel to appear dark, making the vehicle easy to locate.

Made from the highest quality raw materials these no power, passive panels are visible through sand, smoke and fog which makes them a great protector against friendly fire casualties.



  • Use with Thermal imagers (FLIR)
  • 4′ x 4′ panels
  • Brown, Tan, OD Green, or Orange
  • Panel sides are film on film or film on ripstop backing
  • Orange ripstop nylon backing

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4' TIP Panel thermal view



Some Panels Require a State Department Export License


3 Easy Steps to Solve Your ID Problems:

1. DISCOVER: We will listen and evaluate to Discover and better understand your problem.

2. DESIGN: Next, with this information, our engineers will Design a new ID or recommend an existing ID to solve your unique problem.

3. DELIVER: Finally, we will Deliver a premium IR ID patch or marker to protect you. 


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