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IR.Tools™ has an exclusive line of printed high resolution Infrared Targets.  

Your film option include: Thermal, IR Reflective and Photo-luminescent Films.

These passive, thermal targets are the perfect solution for target training with Advanced Weapon Sights.

Effortless to set-up and presents a “realistic” image to the shooter. Ready for you to shoot in minutes.

The low cost, and extended target life makes these targets a must have for all Thermal range training.

Tested and Approved by NATO

6 Advantages to Using No Power Thermal Targets



How Printed Thermal Targets work

Thermal targets work without power because like all our Thermal films the target will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃, and when viewed with a Thermal scope will appear dark or cold.

These targets have an additional high resolution printed layer which gives the shooter flexibility and creativity during training. Shoot no shoot scenarios become more effective with a Thermal printed target.

Targets can be printed with various dress, weapons, positions, persons, etc… there are few limitations.

Download PDF Specification Sheet

Patent #US 7,528,397


  • Use with Thermal imagers (FLIR), Lasers, or Night Vision optics
  • Realistic printed images
  • Easy to set up, ready to shoot in minutes
  • Can sustain many rounds of training because of the ripstop back
  • Extend life of target by using pasters
  • Adhesive backs available
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Thermal Printed Targets on range

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