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New Upright Thermal Target Kit


We realize 1st generation Thermal targets are cumbersome to shoot, so we developed a better target. The biggest obstacle when shooting a thermal target is the need to angle the target to face the sky. Without going into the weeds of the science, the angle provided the thermal contrast on the target for the shooter. While this works for accurate target practice, the process is time consuming and sometimes costly.


Mount, Aim, Shoot!

Upright targets bring all the benefits of thermal target training without the challenges and extra cost of constructing an angled backer.

Mount, aim and shoot.  It is that simple.

In minutes your training is underway with a shot-ready passive Upright Target.  

The 3–Step Kit Solution

Each Kit contains:

1- Thermal Zeroing Target: Designed to specifically zero your weapon with minimal shots. Built on Rite In The Rain® paper so the target resists all forms of moisture and will not fall apart. Easy to throw in your rucksack for a quick zeroing option. Size: 8.5 x 11″

1- Downrange Training Target: A lightweight passive boar or coyote downrange target is super portable for a quick set-up. No time is wasted installing. Mount, aim, and shoot. Size: 24 x 30″

24- Thermal Pasters: Peel and stick pasters to use at your discretion. Prolong target life by patching holes around the image or place as points of aim on the image.


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Universal Zeroing 

Upright Thermal Zeroing Targets


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