Target System Kit

Master your thermal scope with IR.Tools 3 Step Thermal Target Training Kit, built to provide quick, safe, and affordable shots. 

This passive ready-made target system needs no additional power source and provides a high-contrast life-like target to shoot.  

Your 3 Step System Kit consists of: 

Step 1: Zeroing Target 

A patented Universal Zeroing Target built for multiple optics: night vision, thermal, and lasers. 

Step 2: Downrange Passive Training Target 

Available in a boar, coyote, or e-type, the downrange passive target is light, and will turn any target backer into a thermal target.  

Step 3: Repair Pasters 

Extend the life of your passive target with repair pasters. Peel and Stick the 2cm x2cm and cover the  shot holes.  

Practice with IR.Tools ready-made target system to boost your confidence and accuracy! 

Zeroing Target: for all your Advanced Weapon Sights

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Ready-made thermal Target System Kit
Ready-made thermal Target System Kit

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