High Contrast Thermal Rolls


500′ x 2′ Rolls Not sure how much or how big a marker or ID is needed?

These thermal rolls give you flexibility in application and sizes for marking, training and operational purposes.

Cut and use as you need it!

Excellent for covert operations, marking vehicles, and target training.

Film does not come with hook back (velcro).

FLIR and the Benefits of a Thermal Film Partnership

How Thermal Film Works


Thermal film projects an image different or contrasting from its surroundings because it reflects a cooler temperature in the scene.

Used in conjunction with a FLIR device, the high contrast thermal film is attached to people, animals, vehicles, or even the landscape. The FLIR device will read the temperature of the scene around the film which always appears warmer. Therefore the thermal film pops.

There are different settings on a FLIR device. Most military and law enforcement agencies use the  “white hot” or “black hot”  settings. Therefore the contrast of the film will appear either black or white.   

This passive film needs no illumination and will identify a subject or location through sand, smoke and fog.

This no power, passive film needs no illumination and can identify friend or foe through sand, smoke and fog.


  • Each roll is 500′ x 2′ Rolls of High Contrast thermal film
  • The High Contrast projected by the film aids any operation with a FLIR device.
  • Available in brown, green, tan colors.
  • May Require State Department License

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Orange Thermal Film

CID-THRM-R4166, Peel and Stick

500' x 2' thermal film rolls CID-THRM-T2500

CID-THRM-T2500, NSN 2540-01-450-5881

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