2′ High Contrast Film TIP Panels


IR.Tools™ offers a variety of Personal Identification for ground to ground or air to ground communication and IFF signaling.

These 2′ x 2′ Personal ID panels equip your unit for quick ID in any given terrain or combat situation.

The High Contrast film pops a clear, crisp image to your thermal device for quick identification.

FLIR and the Benefits of a Thermal Film Partnership

Download PDF Specification Sheet

How Thermal Film Works

Thermal film appears as a contrast in color from its surroundings. Because the film reflects a cooler temperature in the scene it stands out from its warmer surroundings.

Always used with a thermal device, the high-contrast thermal film is attached to people, animals, vehicles, or even the landscape. Your thermal device will read the temperature of the scene around the film as warm. Although the film is not cold it appears cold. Therefore, because the film is cold, and the scene is warm, there is a contrast in color between them.

There are different palette settings on a thermal device. Most military and law enforcement agencies use the  “white hot” or “black hot”  settings. Therefore the contrast of the film will appear either black or white and various shades of gray. 

This passive film needs no illumination and will identify a subject or location through sand, smoke and fog. 

Read More: How Passive, No Power films work.

Some Panels Require a State Department Export License


  • Highest Contrast pops image for a quick ID and location specs.
  • The larger 2′ x 2′ panels are ideal for Personal ID or landing zones. 
  • Tan, green, or brown High Contrast films available.
  • Backing of panel is thermal film or ripstop back… you choose!

Video of 2' x 2' Personal ID thermal panels 


3 Easy Steps to Solve Your ID Problems

1. DISCOVER: We will listen and evaluate to Discover and better understand your problem.

2. DESIGN: Next, with this information, our engineers will Design a new ID or recommend an existing ID to solve your unique problem.

3. DELIVER: Finally, we will Deliver a premium IR ID patch or marker to protect you. 

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