IFF Fusion Patch

Do you need a versatile patch for covert AND non-covert operations?

The Fusion ID patch combines IR Reflective, Thermal, and or Photo-luminescent technology into one patch to provide you with several identification options.

So if you working with a Night Vision or Thermal device, or even the Naked eye, a fusion patch will be detected.

We help you choose the correct films on your patch to coordinate with your operation.

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Fusion IR Patch - Double the Protection
Fusion Name Tag Field IR and Photo-luminescent
Fusion patch with Field IR and Thermal film
FUSION SAR : search and rescue patch on helmet
POLICIA Fusion patch: Photo-luminescent film and Garrison IR patch

How Fusion Patches Work

Reflective, Thermal and or Photo-luminescent films are strategically layered onto one IFF patch to provide maximum protection.

Your Night Vision device detects IR film.

Your Thermal device detects Thermal film.

Your naked eye detects Photo-luminescent film.

The versatility of the patch enables you to switch from covert to non-covert operations without losing protection.





  • Standard 2″ x 3.5″, 4″ x 4″ or Custom size
  • Thermal Film colors: Desert Tan, Green
  • Laser cut: Black, Blue, Tan, OD Green, Coyote, Multicam, AOR, OCP
  • Durable Hook backing
  • IR Reflective versions are made with our exclusive SandStorm Technology™

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