Inverted V

These inverted V reflective markers, made with IR reflective film, are a cost effective way for you to mark your vehicles to prevent friendly fire casualties.

Simply peel and stick the marker to the side or top of vehicle. When viewed with a Night Vision device the IR film in the shape of the inverted V will confirm identity and location of units.

We want you to be equipped with the best protection because at the end of the day, going home to your family is yours and our top priority.  

How Inverted V Marker Works

The inverted V is made with our exclusive IR reflective film’s SandStorm Technology™process.

You can easily peel and stick the IR film to the side or top of the vehicle for accurate identification in dangerous situations.

When you view the IR film with an NVG, the film will reflect back to viewer the location and identity of the vehicle.

This is a covert film that absorbs white light, keeping your position hidden from the enemy.


  • IR film is seen with a Night Vision device (NVG)
  • V can be cut to accommodate several size vehicles
  • Peel and stick backing makes for quick set-up

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