Upright thermal film patch with text
Thermal ID patches on officers minimize risks and increase safety.

Thermal Patches, Upright Thermal Film


New and improved thermal patches are built with our exclusive Upright film.

The high-contrast film is not dependent on positioning or extreme environmental factors to work. Officers wearing the patch can move about freely while ground and aerial support direct and assist their movements. 

The hook and loop patch easily attaches to head-gear, shoulders, or front or back tactical vest.

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates identification of officers and their locations to reduce errors.
  • Visible to Thermal cameras for continuous benefits around the clock. 
  • Patch is detectable from any position for versatile operational scenarios.
  • Hook-back makes for quick and easy deployment. 
  • Gray color
  • 4" X 4" and 8" X 4"

Additional information


4" X 4", 8" X 4"


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