Thermal zeroing target seen by shooter looking in scope.
Water rolls right off this thermal zeroing target built on Rite in the Rain paper.
thermal Zeroing Target Kit
Thermal Zeroing Target mounts quick and easy.

Upright Thermal Zeroing Target Kit


An outdoor/indoor thermal zeroing target built with New Upright Thermal film.

After years of research and testing the Upright film is an integral part of our target products. This Upright Zeroing target produces a tight aim point for the shooter regardless of the mounted angle.

Combining old Army methods with new materials, Upright Thermal Zeroing provides an accurate, hassle-free zeroing session. Effortless to mount.

The durable target is built on Rite In The Rain® paper and resists all forms of moisture.

Portable heaters are recommended for indoor zeroing or cloudy outdoor sessions.

Click here to watch the instructional video.

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Product Description

  • The target is built on Rite In The Rain® paper to repel any kind of water damage.
  • Lightweight and portable so it won't add extra weight to your rucksack.
  • Portable heaters for indoor zeroing or challenging environmental conditions
  • Quick mount so no time is wasted in set-up. Size: 8.5 x 11"


  • Emissivity: <25
  • Wavelength Visibility: Visible (.4u-.7u), Mid/Far IR (3u-5u,8u-14u)
  • Target angle: Upright or lean back
  • Adhesive: None
  • Distance: 25m to 50m depending on the scope


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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 0.5 × 9 in

Kit of 3, One


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