Aerial thermal view of a 2D dummy
Aerial thermal view of a 2D dummy

2D Dummies for Search and Rescue, Thermal Infrared


Elevate your thermal aerial training capabilities with our 2D Dummy selection!

These 2D dummies provide both visual and thermal options for easy identification by the naked eye and thermal devices. Just flip it over!

Whether you’re training with or without a thermal device, day or night, your Search and Rescue training will benefit.

What’s even better you don’t need your partner to lie down in the woods!

  • Dummies are built on a 6mm PVC Board with BLACK foam core.

Boost Your Aerial Search and Rescue Training with Your Thermal Devices

  • Side 1: photo-realistic image for daytime training
  • Side 2: thermal signature for nighttime and anytime training with a thermal camera

There are 6 human silhouettes to choose from:

  • Child White Male
  • Child Black Male
  • Teen Female
  • Teen Male
  • Adult Knee
  • Adult Unconscious (Flat Matt)


Premium Version: The front has a photo-realistic image with upgraded overlaminate. The entire rear silhouette is covered with IR.Tools Upright thermal film which appears colder to the thermal imager. Does not require preheating and does not stop working over time. Built on a 6mm PVC Board with BLACK foam core.

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Child White Male, Child Black Male, Teen Female, Teen Male, Adult – Knee, Adult – Unconscious


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