Need Help with your Thermal Target?

Trouble Shooting Your Thermal Training Target


Despite your best efforts sometimes you will experience some setbacks using your thermal target.

Several variables are important to consider for a successful shooting experience.

Scope Quality

Not all scopes have the same resolutions.

1. Check the settings on your scope for errors.

2. Move the target closer to you.

3. Try a higher-resolution scope.

4. Try a larger target or paster.

Target Size

Size of target and quality of scope go hand in hand.

1. Reposition yourself and or the target.

2. Eliminate other factors listed below.

3. If #1 and #2 do not resolve the problem consider a larger target or higher resolution scope.


Each target has a recommended best visible distance.

1. Confirm your distance to target recommendations.

  • 25m – 2x2cm paster, Universal zeroing
  • 50m – 50m paster, Thermal zeroing
  • 100m+ – Thermal zeroing, Lg. Passive & Powered targets


Cloud cover, buildings, or trees could lessen the contrast.

1. Reposition yourself.
2. And or reposition the target.

Extreme Cold Temperature

Frigid temps could lessen the contrast.

1. Reposition yourself.
2. And or reposition the target.
3. Attach a portable chemical heater to the back of the target (hand or toe warmers).
4. If conditions persist, consider a powered thermal target to combat the cold.

Remove Debris

Debris could hinder contrast.

1. Use a soft cloth.
2. Water is okay.
3. Wipe and rinse gently.

Outside/Inside Shooting

Most passive targets must be shot outside.

1. Passive targets are for outside training.
2. Reposition the passive target – sometimes it works inside but don’t count on it! Outside is best!
3. Consider a powered thermal target or additional heat.

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