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How to Sharpen Your Customers’ Thermal Scope Training

Learn why the purchase of a thermal target paired with a thermal scope benefits you and your customers. Guide your customers to a confident shooting experience while boosting repeat cash-flow sales.

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Comprehensive guide for shooting a thermal target

Defining a
Thermal Target

A quick glance at the science and why a paper target is insufficient for a thermal scope.


The advantages of ready-made thermal zeroing targets. Save time, money, and sharpen accuracy.

Passive vs Powered
Thermal Targets

Breaking down the pros and cons of the passive and powered downrange targets. Hogs, Coyotes, and E-types are just a few to choose from.

For the past 16 years IR.Tools has built over 8 million IFF patches for the US Military and our Allied forces.

“ATN has partnered with IR.Tools since 2020. We pair our thermal scopes with their ready-made thermal zeroing target and found it is a win–win. Our customers learn how to use their scope with an accurate zeroing experience, and at the same time build confidence in our products.”

Steve, ATN

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