You can buy an IR patch from many resources on the internet. But be careful, not all IR patches are made to withstand the punishment it may endure on a deployment. Here is a list of 5 qualities you want in your IR patch to stay protected. 

1. IR Patch Will Not Fall Apart


Yes, you want an IR patch that will not fall apart. Our exclusive process – SandStorm Technology™ assures your patch will stay Don't fall victim to a flawed patchintact for a very long time.  No fear here. This 1 layer patch will resist debris and sandstorm damage and continue to give you peace of mind when working in the dark. We guarantee it!

2. Resist Water Damage


Water can ruin just about anything.  In the case of your IR patch, you don’t want to worry if your patch is exposed to water. An IR.Tools™, SandStorm Technology™ patch stays intact and glows before and after it takes a swim. Though we don’t recommend throwing it in the washing machine. 

3. More IR Reflection


Often we come across IR patches that don’t glow very well. Sad but true.

Keep in mind no glow – no show.  No show puts you in danger of friendly fire. IR.Tools™ IR patches exclusive reflection materials (SandStorm Technology™) guarantees a glow up to 200% brighter than most IR patches. You can be confident you will be seen by your unit for protection against friendly fire. 

4. Covert White Light Protection


Think you are wearing a covert IR patch?covert white light protection

Check again.

Not all IR patches absorb white light which can result in exposing you to the enemy. Our covert IR patches will absorb white light keeping your position hidden from the enemy. Only a NVG device would be able to pinpoint your location. Therefore, you can move about without fear of friendly fire.

5. WOW! Custom IR Designs 


Lets be honest. We all want to wear something that is a WOW!Custom Hybrid IR patch

An IR.Tools™ custom design laser patch will deliver your style. We have made some intricate designs for military and law enforcement units and have not disappointed. And the best part is we don’t sacrifice quality for style.

You will have the same great premium IR patch to protect you from injury. 

It is true, not all IR patches are the same. Do your homework and be sure you are using a patch that will keep you safe. Your spouse, children, family and or friends will be grateful you do.     

Contact us and we will help you solve your IR identification needs.

The Author

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Through the eyes of a veteran and engineer, Tom saw a need and established IR.Tools™ in 2006.  He has embraced manufacturing premium IR patches, panels, markers, and targets to better protect and train the military and law enforcement communities.  An innovator who is always moving forward to stay ahead of the industry, Tom has 15 awarded patents, and 10 patents pending.  Tom received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park and his MBA from Regents University.

You are welcome to comment on this blog. You can also reach me at 443.292.8885 or TBoyer@IR.Tools. I would be happy to connect with you through social media as well.

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