IR.Tools™ manufactures  two types of combat identifications:

  • Field Patch – worn in combat zones and covert operations
  • Garrison Patch  – worn in non combat zones such as on base or recreation purposes

MP Field21. The Field patch is made with Sand Storm Technology™. The MP letters absorb white light and retro reflect infrared energy.

2. This patch effectively hides from white light (flashlight) while giving a distinct reflection for night vision user (NVG).
3. This patch is worn for combat situations where reflecting white light would be very dangerous.



MP Garrison21. The Garrison patch is also made with Sand Storm Technology™. The special characteristics on this patch allow the MP letters to retro reflect white light AND infrared energy.

2. This patch brightly retro reflects white light.
3. Wear this patch when getting hit by a car is more of an issue than getting hit by a bullet.

MP Field IR 00002 View     MP Garrison IR00010 view

The above images show a Field and Garrison patch are excellent for NVG’s.

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