Understanding IR Technology

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Infrared ID Patches

IR and Photo-luminescent Fusion Patches

Why take this lesson?

Learn about IR.Tools™ builds Fusion patches. A merging together of 2 of our infrared films into one unique protective patch.

You will learn:

  • How does this patch work?
  • Versatility Benefits of this patch
  • Objective 3

Ok, let’s get started!

IR.Tools™ builds Fusion patches. A merging together of 2 of our infrared films into one unique protective patch.

The majority of our fusion patches are built with a covert infrared Field film with a photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) film. These patches give you the best of both worlds – a covert and non-covert function. If you find your operations frequently require both functions this may be the patch for you!

So how does this patch work?

Combining the infrared film with photo-luminescent film brings together a passive and an active film.  The infrared film is passive because it can not emit stored energy; it merely reflects the energy that hits it. The photoluminescent film active because it emits stored energy

The versatility of this patch is appealing because it provides protection against friendly accidents in covert and non-covert situations.

Photo-luminescent Charges in 20 Minutes

Before the Photo-luminescent film can work it must be charged using the sun (a preferred source) or any cool light, such as many fluorescent tubes. However, any light will charge the film but glow time will be affected. Allow 20 minutes to charge.

A fully charged Photo-luminescent film glows for 8 hours.

Finally, users must adjust their SOP based on their understanding of the patches and time awareness.

If you have any other questions about the use of IR+PL patches please contact me here.

Fusion Name Tag Field IR and Photo-luminescent

Infrared Keeps You Hidden

The covert portion of the patch works like any other IR reflective IFF patch. The infrared film is only detected by a night vision device with an illuminator. The wearer of the patch can move around without detection and stay safe.

The films do have to share space on the patch, so there are smaller amounts of each on it. This is important to understand in your evaluation when choosing your IFF protection.

Fusion IR glow AFE

Build Your US Flag Fusion Patch

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