Thermal Tape

Size: 50m x 10cm thermal tape rolls

Not sure how much or how big a marker or ID is needed?

This thermal tape gives you flexibility in application and sizes for marking, training, and operational purposes. Cut and use as you need it! When viewed with a thermal imaging device the film looks COLD for quick ID.

Excellent for covert operations, marking vehicles, and target training.

Peel and Stick backing

How Thermal Tape Works

Thermal tape works without power because like all our Thermal films, it will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃, and when viewed with a Thermal device will appear dark or cold.

The contrast of the thermal film with the “warmer” surroundings makes the personnel, vehicle or target easy to identify.

This no power, passive film needs no illumination and can identify friend or foe through sand, smoke and fog.

Excellent for covert operations, marking vehicles, and target training.


  • 50m x 10cm thermal tape rolls
  • Use with Thermal imagers (FLIR)
  • Cut and use as needed
  • Available in orange, green, tan colors
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Peel and Stick back
  • May Require State Department License

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50m x 10cm Thermal Film Rolls

 Peel and Stick


 NSN 2540-01-450-5881

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