Coyote Brown thermal film
OD Green
Tan thermal film rolls

Thermal Film Tape, PSA, High Contrast/Extreme


Choose from a variety of thermal tape rolls. High Contrast and Extreme thermal tapes will support various operations when using a thermal device.
Excellent for covert operations, marking vehicles, and target training.
Size: 10cm x 45.75m or 4″ x 150′ thermal tape rolls

Coyote Brown, Tan, and OD Green are available in our High Contrast rolls. High Contrast tapes low emissivity provides the highest contrast of all our thermal films. Primarily used for shooting targets, vehicle ID, and drone DISCS training operations.
Durability is good… a 6-12 month life expectancy

The Extreme tape is Black only. Extreme has a slightly higher emissivity than High Contrast. This film is built for harsher outdoor conditions and does not scratch easily. Primarily used for vehicle ID markers and personal ID patches.
Durability is superior to High Contrast, expect a 3-year life expectancy.

  • NSN 8135-01-518-2504 Brown
  • NSN 8135-01-390-7410 Green
  • NSN 8135-01-392-2928 Tan

Not sure how much or how big a thermal marker you need for the job?


This thermal tape gives you flexibility in application and sizes for marking, training, and operational purposes.


Cut and use as your job demands!

Click here for more info: Breaking Down Thermal Film Uses


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Coyote Brown, Tan, Black, OD Green, Gray


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