Upright Thermal Patch – Features, Instructions, Troubleshooting

Features and Benefits

  • Patch is built with Upright Thermal film for contrast benefits from various angles.
  • Patch identifies an officer from a suspect during a chase to distinguish who is who.
  • Patch is viewed with a thermal imager for around-the-clock functionality.
  • Patch requires no power for easy attachment and quick deployment.

Set Up/How to Apply

  • Patch backing is hook material (velcro), therefore it will quickly adhere to any loop material on a uniform, hat, bag, etc…
  • The best visibility for a patch is top of a hat/helmet and along the back top of the shoulders. Any area looking directly at the sky.
  • Secondary visibility is the chest or standard shoulder patch area.

Outside Only

An Upright thermal patch is for outside operations only. It may work inside but there are no guarantees.

  • Temperature does not affect the integrity of the patch from 0-150ºF.


Sun, cloud cover, buildings, or trees could lessen the contrast of the patch. Changing the angle of the device to the patch usually solves this issue.

  • If possible reposition yourself to the thermal device.
  • Or reposition the thermal device to the patch.

General Tips When Working With Infrared Patches, Targets, and Markers

Your patch, target, or marker is not broken. With a few adjustments, you will have success.

Device Resolution

Not all IR devices have the same resolutions. Your Night Vision and Thermal devices will vary in features and resolution.

  • Check the settings on your device for errors.
  • Check the distance capabilities of your device compared to the distance of your patch, target, or marker.
  • If possible, try a higher-resolution device.


Distance and Device resolution work hand in hand. Most infrared films have distance limitations directly correlated to the device’s resolution. See the recommended distances below.

Remove Debris

Debris could hinder the contrast of your infrared film

  • Use a soft cloth.
  • If needed water or gentle degreasing spray is ok.
  • Wipe and rinse gently.
  • Avoid any type of abrasive sponge.

Extreme Cold Temperatures

Frigid temperatures could lessen the performance of infrared films.

  • Reposition yourself.
  • And or reposition the patch, target, or marker.
  • If using a passive target, add a portable heater to the back of the target (ie hand or toe warmers).
  • If conditions persist with your target, consider a powered target to combat the cold.

Contact Information

Despite your best efforts, you might experience some setbacks using your infrared patches, targets, or markers. If this does occur we are fully committed to helping you overcome the problem. If the tips on this page do not help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Website CHAT – click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
  • HELP LINE: 443-584-5400
  • info@ir.tools
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