Historically, darkness in war zones has resulted in many friendly fire casualties.

Hard to believe 10 years has passed!

In 2006, we began as Infrared Tools and like other businesses … we saw a problem and came up with the solution.

The problem?  Soldiers were dying from friendly fire.

The US military and its’ allies need to see each other in the dark or soldiers could be accidentally killed by friendly fire. Though we can’t guarantee mistakes like this will never happen, minimizing the possibility is critical.


Soldiers returning home to their families is very important to us!

The IR patches which were currently available had some flaws and we wanted to build them better.

We did.

By going back to the “drawing board” we developed a proprietary identification patch that the military can rely on; they can be seen by friendlies, do their jobs well and then go home to their families.


IR.Tools has sold over 4 mil. IR patches in the past 10 years!

IR.Tools™ has sold over 4 million IR patches these past 10 years.

Our premium IR patches are worn on every continent; saving soldiers lives everyday. We couldn’t be prouder.

As technology advanced to thermal weapons sights we have added a full suite of thermal identification patches, panels and thermal training targets.

Policeman with police cruiser

Protecting the police on the streets.

Looking ahead we are excited about how identification technology is helping Law Enforcement.

Our new line of Law Enforcement patches and vehicle markers use the latest technology to help the police catch the criminals and save lives.

Like the military, the men and women in blue deserve the best protection to keep our cities and neighborhoods safe.

branches sm

We want to Protect Those Who Protect Us!


While celebrating our 10th Anniversary is rewarding we won’t lose sight of why we are here:

To Protect the Men and Women who Protect us.

Thank you to all who serve and inspire us to provide the best identification technology available today.



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