Juan’s disappointment with the quality of his IFF flag patch


In November 2010, IR.Tools™ received the following email and pictures from a desperate US Army soldier in Afghanistan.

“Hello, I’m a soldier in the US Army and I’m very disappointed with the IR Flag patch that we wear on our uniforms. I can’t believe the way the IR flag patches fall apart in just one month and comes unglued from the velcro, this is very bad for us in Afghanistan which is where I’m deployed right now. I don’t think it is fair for soldiers to pay for these IR flag patches and they last one or two months because they become unglued.
Please check into this matter and see what you can do to offer a better product than what I have right now. Thank you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

A 2 layer reflective film patch falls apart quickly

After examining the patch, I quickly saw Juan did not have an IR.Tools™patch. Juan’s cry for help only supported what we had been hearing since we started manufacturing IR patches in 2006; the 2 layer reflective film falls apart quickly.  Honeycomb IFF flag patch

I sent Juan a couple new IR.Tools™ patches and explained to him why the SandStorm Technology™ process was a quality IFF flag patch. He could be confident these patches would protect him long term.


There is a SandStorm difference 

I informed Juan the reflective film that fell apart on him was made with a 2 layer reflective film process that leaves air gaps in the IR patch, making it weak and vulnerable to water and sand.  The honeycomb pattern on the patch he sent to me was a clear indicator the patch was not a quality IFF patch. I warned him to avoid the honeycomb patch.

On the other hand, I told Juan the SandStorm Technology™ process resulted in a 1 layer reflective film that leaves no air gaps.  Therefore the edges of the patch are not weakened by water or sand exposure.  The patch is resistant to any contaminations and the IR glow remains consistently intact. 

Only a quality IFF flag patch

At this point I realize that manufacturing a quality IFF patch is not a common goal and yet the potential dangers are real for some of our soldiers using a honeycomb IR patch. 

Juan’s story is another reminder of why IR.Tools™ is committed to making quality IFF patches as well as many other premium ID products to better protect our soldiers and police.  I hope this is the last letter I receive from deployed soldiers in Afghanistan.custom quality IFF patchNot only is it important to us that we make a quality IFF flag patch that functions up to the highest standard but also the color, design and style are important to us also. 

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