NEW! Thermal Markers

Eliminate your frustration!

Don’t lose track of your help on the ground.

And feel the relief of knowing where your unit is at all times. 

Thermal film markers are your “silent partner” on the ground, by eliminating the confusion of who is the suspect, and who is the officer.

The command and control is instantly more accurate for your  UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)* and Airborne operators.

This remarkable IR  film technology minimizes risk and increases safety for all involved in the operation.

The markers need no charging or additional power source to operate.

Watch videos below and see for yourself.   The sharpness of the marker on the moving vehicle boost communication .

* Your UAS Systems must be equipped with a thermal imaging device to view the thermal marker.

“The thermal letters impressed the bosses durning the United Nations event.

The helicopters could identify which country’s motorcade was which.”   

                                                                                                                            US Secret Service

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How the Vehicle Marker Works

Thermal markers use the benefits of infrared science to reflect an image back to the UAS or airborne officers so they can locate their units.  

If you measure the sky temperature from the ground on a clear day, it will be about -40℉ / -40℃.

Using a thermal imager, the airborne operator views the marker on top of the vehicle, the marker will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉, and appear to be the same temperature as the sky.

Depending on the contrast settings on your device, the marker will appear black “cold” or white “hot”.  In reality the marker is not cold or hot but the same temperature as the vehicle. 

The area around the marker will not reflect the temperature of the sky. Therefore the marker will “pop” out and be easily located by the operator.


Learn more how Vehicle Markers work


  • Low operating cost because markers need no charging or additional power source to work.
  • Custom sizes to fit your vehicle specifications.
  • Adhesive or Magnet backing or permanent or temporary operations.
  • Film is visible 24/7 (with a Thermal imaging device) to minimize risks during pursuits.

 Download Informational PDF



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