Power thermal target, etype, upright
Thermal view of thermal Upright training target etype
Water rolls right off this thermal zeroing target built on Rite in the Rain paper.
Thermal zeroing target seen by shooter looking in scope.
50M Thermal Pasters
Thermal Paster 48 Pack
Garrison Pasters 48 Pack
Night Vision Photo-Luminescent 48 Paster Pack
Peel and stick 50m pssters for 50m zeroing with thermal scope

Upright E Type Target Test & Evaluation Kit


This Target Kit contains various targets for zeroing and training, made with passive and powered components.
  • 1- E Type passive thermal training kit
  • 1- E Type powered thermal training kit with 1 Adapter Cable with Alligator Clips for connecting to Open Terminals (Battery NOT included)
  • 1- Thermal Zeroing Kit
  • 1- Universal Zeroing Kit
  • 1 Thermal Pasters 12 pk
  • 1- Night vision pasters 12-pk
  • 1- Laser reflective pasters 12-pk
  • 1- 50-meter zeroing pasters 2-pk

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