Some people think a thermal film is going to the movies in the summer when the A/C is broken.

But that is not the case!

Thermal film is a thin non-descriptive piece of material, either tan, brown, OD green, or black that is used by the military, law enforcement and sportsmen for various safety and training measures.

The films act much like a mirror. Instead of reflecting the image of you looking in the mirror, the heat or temperatures around it reflect off. The goal of this reflection of temperature is to show a contrast between the temperature of the film and its surroundings.

This contrast results in an abundance of applications.

All these applications first require a thermal imaging camera to be used. Unlike a Nikon camera, a special thermal imaging camera detects heat in the scene and therefore detects the contrast the film reflects.


Thermal Imaging Devices Thermal Film Applications
Thermal Weapon Sights Thermal Training Targets, Thermal Camouflage, Thermal ID patches for personnel
Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras Thermal ID patches for personnel, Thermal ID markers on vehicles, Building Markers
Airborne – Drone or Helicopter Devices Thermal ID patches for personnel, Thermal ID markers on vehicles, Building Markers, Control Markers, Landing Zone Markers
Pilot Navigational Equipment Landing Zone Markers, Single Layer Panels, TIP Panels
As the uses for thermal imaging devices grow so do the applications and types of films to compliment these uses.
There is no slowing down in how no power, passive, thermal films impact the military, law enforcement, and civilian activities. 
Thankfully these films are here to stay.  
At IR.Tools, our goal is to continue to develop and build thermal films that are easy to use and effectively protect those who are protecting us. 
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