Some people think a thermal film is going to the movies in the summer when the A/C is broken.

But that is not the case!


Just as a mirror reflects visible light, thermal films reflects heat energy.

They are heat mirrors. This characteristic results in abundant applications.

Many applications have to do with thermal imaging cameras, which can detect heat, and can detect these special films. Many applications have to do with heat or insulating.

Thermal Imaging Applications Thermal Film Applications
Thermal Weapon Sights Thermal Training Targets, Thermal Camouflage
Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras Thermal Markers and Signs
Airborne Law Enforcement Thermal Vehicle Markers and Signs
Pilot Navigational Equipment Landing Zone Demarcation, Single Layer Panels, TIP Panels
Consumer Thermal Imaging Cameras TBD
Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras TBD
Building Thermal Analysis TBD
Building Insulation Attic Barriers
Personal Insulation “Space Blankets”, Sleeping bags and clothing with silver dots inside.
There are so many applications from the military to the home owner to the individual for no power, passive, thermal films.
They are uniquely able to help us manage heat and interact with thermal imaging systems.


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