“I can’t believe the way the Flags fall apart in just one month and comes unglued from the velcro, this is very bad for us in Afghanistan which is where I’m deployed right now.” 

Sitting in the middle of a sand storm in Afghanistan was not where this US soldier wanted his IR patch to fail him. But it did. Fortunately for him IR.Tools™ came to his rescue.

After our experience with this soldier, we realized the quality in our night vision patches are superior to many if not all others.

People have asked us,  “Why are your IR patches better?”

The key is our use of the best reflective film technology in the world. The table below compares our Sand Storm Technology™ patches to those made from honeycomb technology.

SST chart
You can easily compare glow tape products. Look for a smooth surface instead of a honeycomb impression. This simple comparison could save a soldiers life.
Remember:  If it looks like honeycomb…  leave it alone.
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