New DOR Program to help Distributors Secure Bids

I have long been aware of the problem our distributors face pursuing and initiating a sale, only to lose the business when the item goes out to bid. Unfortunately, not sure how I could help, I did nothing.  Then I learned about the DOR (Dealer of Record) programs that other manufacturers have set up to solve this problem. Actually, I was excited and wondered why I did not think of the idea long before. Nevertheless, IR.Tools™ now has implemented a DOR program to help secure bids that otherwise may be lost.

IR.Tools™ DOR program will:

  • Support our distributors/dealers who actively promote our product.
  • Offer those distributors/dealers an additional discount off current pricing in certain competitive situations.

Important to note:

  • No DORs will be awarded for government initiated bids where there was no sales effort that lead to the bid.
  • The discount % awarded varies according to each product bid.

Participation requires:

  • Having a distribution agreement in place with IR.Tools™ and be in good standing at the time of application.
  • Actively sell product to customer.
  • Documenting sales efforts with customer.
  • Submitting DOR Application before product goes out to bid.
  • Submitting a separate DOR application for each potential bid.

For more information please contact me at 443.292.8885 or TBoyer@IR.Tools.

I would be happy to connect with you through social media as well.

You can access the application here: DOR Application.


 The Author

Tom Boyer profile picture

Since 2006, Tom has been the driving force behind IR.Tools, dedicated to delivering top-notch infrared solutions to the military, law enforcement, and sportsmen communities.

What began with a single infrared patch has blossomed into a comprehensive store featuring hundreds of IFF patches, vehicle IFF, an extensive suite of thermal training targets, and tools for drone pilots.

Beyond his innovative products, Tom is passionate about educating users on infrared technology and showcasing how advancements in IR can enhance their operations.

Tom holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Regents University.

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