Trouble Zeroing Your Sight?


So your Universal zeroing target is not working?

If you have trouble seeing the point of aim (POA) pasters on your Universal target, here are some quick tips to solve the issue.

First, check the user manual for your sight.  Eliminate any possibilities of a sight error.

Particularly, if your auto mode fails adjust your gain/contrast in the manual mode. 


TroubleShooting Tips


You will find success with one or more of these tips!

Each paster requires different adjustments so review the paster you are zeroing.

Universal Zeroing Target

Thermal Paster is Not Visible in Sight

  1. You must be outside. Thermal pasters work outside only.
  2. Position target away from trees or buildings. Work best in an open environment. 
  3. Attach thermal paster to POA.
  4. Move your position to 25m. Keep in mind distance depends on your sight ability.
  5.  Reposition yourself or the target. 
  6.  Cloud cover could lessen contrast.

Night Vision Paster is Not Visible in Sight


  1. Recharge the paster with a flashlight or other bright light for 30 – 60 secs.
  2. Reposition yourself and or the target


Laser Paster is Not Visible in Sight


  1. Be sure laser illumination is turned on. A laser paster needs illumination.
  2. Illumination beam must directly hit the POA paster for bright reflection.
  3. Reposition yourself and/or the target.

Of course if you are still having trouble after making adjustments, contact us.

We will continue to work with you so you can successfully zero your weapon.

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Stay safe and God Bless.


 The Author

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Since 2006, Tom has been the driving force behind IR.Tools, dedicated to delivering top-notch infrared solutions to the military, law enforcement, and sportsmen communities.

What began with a single infrared patch has blossomed into a comprehensive store featuring hundreds of IFF patches, vehicle IFF, an extensive suite of thermal training targets, and tools for drone pilots.

Beyond his innovative products, Tom is passionate about educating users on infrared technology and showcasing how advancements in IR can enhance their operations.

Tom holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Regents University.

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