Universal Zeroing Target for Advanced Weapon Sights 

Thermal, Night Vision, and Laser Sights

Look no further! This handy passive zeroing target is built for your Thermal Sight, Night Vision Sight, and Laser Sight.

One target with all your advanced optics in mind! There are 3 infrared films attached to the target.  You choose according to the sight you are zeroing!

  • Thermal sticker for your Thermal sight.
  • Photoluminescent sticker for your Night Vision sight.
  • Retro-reflective sticker for your Laser sight.


Features and Benefits:

  • Set up is a breeze so you spend more time shooting than getting started.
  • Easily adjusts to your rifle system for your best use case.
  • Built on Rite in the Rain® paper so moisture will not destroy target.
  • Durable for extended use and multiple zeroing sessions.

 Tested and Recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (Patent #10,228,219)

“The ability to use one target to align the various systems will contribute to consistency, and ease the logistics of acquiring spectrum specific sights.”

                                                                                                                    National Tactical Officers Asso.


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