Camo Search and Rescue patch with IR and Photo-luminescent film. A unique patch used for covert and non-covert operations.

IR.Tools™ now has a IR/Photoluminescent patches

The photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) film is added to our standard IR glow tape to create a unique patch.

These patches have a very different function which must be understood before deciding if these patches are what you need for your operations.


Photo-luminescent film emits a blue green glow for 8 hours when fully charged. Can be seen with the naked eye.




Combining the IR film with PL film brings together an active and a passive film. The PL film is active because it emits stored energy. The IR film is passive because it can not emit stored energy; it merely reflects energy that hits it.

The unique versatility of this patch and the options it provides protects against friendly accidents in covert and non-covert situations.

Before the Photo-luminescent film can work it must be charged using the sun (a preferred source) or any cool light, such as many fluorescent tubes. However, any light will charge the film but glow time will be effected. Allow 20 minutes to charge.

A fully charged Photo-luminescent film glows for 8 hours.


When illuminated with a Night Vision device the IR film on the patch identifies the personnel. IR film can only be seen with a NVG.

Finally, users must adjust their SOP based on their understanding of the patches and time awareness.

If you have any other questions about the use of IR+PL patches please contact me here.

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