Recently IR.Tools™ made a batch of JTAC IR reflective patches. As I was watching the laser cut them, I found myself asking, ” who is the soldier who wears a JTAC patch (Joint Attack Air Control) and what do they do?”

“Cleared Hot” giving the command

The JTAC patch is worn by trained JTAC soldiers from the US Air Force who work with the Army and Marines. Their job is to advise air support to an enemy target and legally give the command, “cleared hot.” They are experts on the ground directing weapons to the exact location and in most cases prevent “friendly” casualties.  They serve a crucial role in saving lives both civilian and friendly. 

JTAC soldier qualifications and career

The JTAC soldier begins his career as a TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) and then can choose to receive additional training to become JTAC certified. Most TACP become JTAC qualified as a natural progression in their careers. Not all TACP become JTAC, nevertheless the two will work closely together during close air support CAS) operations.

Advise, Assist, Control

The motto of the JTAC soldier is to “Advise, Assist, Control”. Recent reports are saying there is a shortage of JTAC soldiers. With the increase in airstrikes and drone attacks the need for close air support (CAS) is rising every year. When this happens, IR.Tools™ will be ready to provide a premium IR reflective JTAC patch to protect these soldiers from friendly fire.

JTAC Coyote IR patch worn on JTAC soldier shoulder
NVG view of JTAC patch
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