Whatever, your situation is, always be prepared to zero your thermal weapon sight to your weapon. It is just too importazero targetnt to skip! There are many ways to zero a thermal weapon sight. Rarely, if ever, is there a prefabricated target available for this purpose. Some field expedient methods are:

  • MRE heaters
  • Two 9V batteries
  • A small piece of No Power Tape
  • A paper with a hole cut out of it
The best option is the IR.Tools™ Zero Target. 

  • Zero Targets combine the benefits of MRE heaters, No Power film, and paper to produce a fast, easy and environmentally friendly zero target.
  • Zero Targets can also be used indoors and in very inclement weather.
  • Zero Targets are consistently accurate.

The table below summarizes each option.

Method Advantage Disadvantage Hint
Zero Targets IndoorsCloudy day


 Plan ahead Use pasters to extend target life. In many situations target is effective even without heater.
MRE Heaters Distinct Hot Spot, Quick Rapidly growing Aim Point Have all weapons ready to zero so the aim point does not grow as fast
9V Batteries Distinct Hot Spot, Quick Growing aim point, waste Have all weapons ready to zero so the aim point does not grow as fast, do not use lithium or hazardous batteries
No Power Film Simple Somewhat dependent on environment Make sure the target backer is leaned back about 15 degrees
Paper with Hole Simple Difficult to see Seek out a spot where the thermal energy behind the hole is different from ambient
View here the ease and accuracy of Zero Targets.