Genius Thermal Zeroing

Listen in as Chase and Tom discuss the genius of the Thermal Zeroing target. Learn how old methods combined with new materials results in precision zeroing in less time.

Chase: I’m Chase here with IR.Tools and have Tom here, the owner and godking of IR.Tools.

Today we want to talk with you about our Thermal Zeroing target. So Tom take it away.

Tom: Yes, this is our Thermal Zeroing target and here’s the thing, we’ve been having these targets show up in a lot of retail outlets these days. Maybe you guys see it and you have thermal sights but you guys don’t know how to use this sort of target. So let me show you what it is.

This target was inspired by Army methods used years and years ago. But what we have done, we have taken this thermal film and we place on the front of the target. The function of the thermal film Chase, is that it makes that zeroing nice and tight. The problem is for many years people have used  these thermal heaters, they would set it out on a wall or something and it would heat up. But after 5 minutes, suddenly you are shooting at an aim point this big.

Not very effective for zeroing, right.  So coupling these heaters you get a nice tight aim point.

When you are actually going to use it,  take the heater out of the pack, and the heater is going to be placed right on the back of the target, just opposite your aim point.

Once you get your heater on there, now you are going to fold it.

Chase: Alright, we do have printed steps on the target for folding, those of you who may be a little confused or are Marines out there and so Tom you are going to walk us through folding the target.

Tom: Exactly, I was Navy, so I probably didn’t need all these numbers.

No you could do it without any instructions.

So I will show you.

Fold 2 sides in, folding down, fold the bottom around and there you have your finished target. Going to fold these 2 flaps down, now you got 1,2,3, 4 staple points to hold your target in place when you use it.

Chase: And if you don’t have a target stand to staple this to, this foot here will act little bit as a stand, you can place it on a rock, or if you are familiar with MRE or a rock or something. A good reference there but basically a couple of different options for setting this thing up. And having it stay up and having a good solid aiming point.

Something to note, this square is a one MOA square so that is going to be a super refined aiming point to make sure you are getting that really precise zero.

Tom, if this gets shot out and the cardboard is good but someone needs to replace the film, can they contact us for new film?

Tom: They can actually get some pasters to cover that. And of course, these toe warmers you can buy in any store or we can supply new targets.

Chase: So guys, this is a quick overview of the Thermal aiming target. 

Tom: See you next time. 

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 (Patent #US 7,528,397)


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