Thermal Target Pasters

Thermal Pasters save you money and increases your results.


Point of Aim Pasters:

  • A low tac adhesive for zeroing and down range aim points.
  • Best used with your thermal, night vision or laser optics.

Permanent Pasters:

  • A high tac adhesive for your thermal target training.
  • Repair and Recycle your costly thermal targets.




1. Improves Your Accuracy:

Zeroing or down range, your point of aim is clear. You can readily identify your shots and make strategic adjustments.

2. Extends Life of the Target:

Repair and recycle! In seconds your target is “like new.” Stick paster over holes on target and keep firing!

3. Saves Training Money:

You buy less ammo and fewer targets. You buy less ammo because you slow down to cover your shots and make accurate adjustments. You buy fewer targets because you are recycling existing targets.


Available in an Upright Thermal and High Contrast film paster.

Zeroing Target: for all your Advanced Weapon Sights

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